shitty haiku


the morning duty

on lazy days delayed

at the risk of pain

any magazine

insipid, profound, obtuse

will do in a pinch

percolating brew

gurggling with urgency

has no need for clocks

the wet, popping sound

of organic extrusion

joy of emptiness

even if submerged

invisible reminder

permeates the air

whistle at the cold

familiar porcelain seat

warmed by the end

disinfectant cake

is the least of the evils

of the port-a-john

compacted colon

as hard as agregate stone

killed Elvis Presley

the ghostly presence

of the silent but deadly

a vile reflection

mastication and

alimentary canal

comes out in the end

no cork, no stopper

can prevent defecation

obstructions be damned

the prize, if you will,

of your metabolism

is the steaming pile

the King of Sweden

has a pot not filled with gold

as any beggar

most common curse

said without hesitation

the name of a friend

chilling and dripping

the horror of the splashback

small brown cannonball

remember the fan

the house is easily filled

by the brown presence

stranded the next time

the roll on the cardboard tube

used and forgotten

a hidden landmine

slippery on the sidewalk

dogs run off, laughing

two ply is the best

over the Sears catalog

replacing the hand